Vero 4K+ Status Light should be different between "Suspend" and "Power Off" modes

The Vero 4K+ is great and have most of its features just right and I have more than one.

However, one thing that can be confusing is its status light. It’s remains lit no matter it is on Suspend or Power Off mode.

It should behave differently. For example:
Suspend mode: blinking slowly
Power Off mode: continuous on

Or something like that.

Sometimes I power it off or reboot it, like any computer, in order to do a refresh. Therefore, having an indicator of the device’s actual status would help.

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If you power the device off, it’s usually expected that you would be unplugging it.

I’m open to the idea of blinking the LED when the device is in a suspended state to make this clearer to the user. I tried the ‘heartbeat’ LED trigger, but it doesn’t seem right to me. You can try it yourself as follows:

sudo -s
echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/led-sys/brightness
echo heartbeat > /sys/class/leds/led-sys/trigger


Hi Sam,

Thanks! One of my Veros is connected to my TV and sound system, so, sometimes I power it off but do not disconnect it. Most times I just suspend it. I do the power off or reboot usually once a month to refresh things like in any computer. Any recommendations on that?

I’ll try your suggestion this weekend.
I understand that I login to the Vero via SSH and type all three lines at once, correct?

Yep. Let me know how you find it.

after sudo -s it says: file does not exist

These options are now already enabled in /sys/clas/leds/standby/

In recent versions, we now use the upstream LED driver so the paths are indeed slightly different now.

Hi, This is my very first post as a new owner of a shiny black Vero 4K+.
For me I would prefer the light not to blink when in standby as it will be visible and distracting when not using the Vero (and using my satellite box instead). If this implemented then can it be an option please?

Just saying :slight_smile:



There is only one LED in the Vero 4K +, so it’s not possible for us to show two different colours.

The red LED should be solid when in standby and shouldn’t be blinking.
Do you want it turned off completely when in standby?


Hi, For me - no not at all. Happy with a solid red LED when in SB or Off. the OP was asking for it to “flash” if in Standby and I wanted to register my opposition to that :slight_smile:


Any such option would be configurable. I tried it as a test. A flashing red light doesn’t look good and it gives the impression the device wants your attention as something is wrong.

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Having the same LED condition for the suspended mode and powered off is not a good user experience, since we would not know the 4K+'s status without turning on the TV or the display connected to it. Furthermore, in case of physically disconnecting power, it’s a best practice to only do it in power off mode. So, a LED that tells the Vero’s status would be very useful.

Agree on that. A couple menu options would make it the best user experience. I still did not have the time to run that config you suggested. Had to deal with some health issues and other unplanned personal stuff.

Another thing I have been thinking is that the Very 4K+ relies on a screen attached to it for the user to know what’s its status. I had a few incidents at home where there was a power outage (common during Winter storms here) and the Very 4K+ turned on when the power came back. If the LED could tell the user what’s its condition without having to turn on the display connected to it, it would be a much better experience. I solved this issue by hooking my Vero 4K+ to a UPS as a safety measure, but not everyone might want to do it.