Vero 4k stopped working, what can i do?

Suddenly my vero 4k stopped working. The blue light is on. But no video signal. When i unplug the power an reconnect i saw the vero boot screen for a short time but with a little bit auf “snow” (random flashing white pixels). After this no signal. I can repeat this over and over. What can i do? Is it probably broken? Thanks

First step would be to login to the Vero, while running. Either through SSH(if enabled) or locally connected keyboard and try to access the command line.

then run this command: grab-logs -A

and hopefully paste a working URL here

Try another HDMI cable.

Hdmi cable works. Connected raspi with osmc to the same cable afterwards. Works.

Then I suggest seeing if the device is visible on your router, and if it is, connecting to it.