Vero 4k stopped working

Hi Sam

I turned on my Vero 4k and selected yes to the latest update/s to apply.

When I now reboot, all I see on the screen is:

  • Please standby with the logo briefly
  • Then some white on black coding/script running briefly down the left hand
  • Then a light blue screen with a white sad face in the middle

I am not sure what has happened but it does not look good.

Any ideas/help please? The box is just over 5 months old.



Are you able to access the command line, either console or ssh:

If you can either:

provide logs - grab-logs -A


It sounds like your setup may have become corrupted.

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv /home/osmc/.kodi /home/osmc/.kodi.bak
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom

Thanks for your quick reply.

I don’t think I can access anything.

All I see now is a light blue screen with a white sad face in the middle. No menus, nothing.

I am a Kodi newbie so I don’t really understand the link guide or the blue coding (or how to use them) you suggest.

Could you explain further please?


Try connecting via ssh, if you are on windows putty will be the easiest to use.

If you are unable to access the command line, you should consider reinstalling:

Thanks Tom.

Can you take a photo of what you see?
Might be a bad add-on causing problems



Hi Tom / Sam

Thanks for your quick replies.

I followed your reinstall link Tom and that was very easy and useful to follow. My Vero 4K is now running fine again.

I did not have many Kodi apps and no data previously so all good.


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