Vero 4k+ strange bars with subtitles (solved)

Hi guys,

Me and my brother both have a Vero 4k+
Since last week on one of the devices we have encountered a issue with subtitles and strange bars that are appearing.

It occurs on some files, not all of them.
And when testing on the other Vero the issue isn’t there.

The Vero has the latest OSMC version installed (OSMC January 2020 2020.01-1)

2 examples:

So to clarify:

  • Only one device exhibits this problem?
  • Not all files are affected

Can you upload logs from each device so we can check the differences in configuration?

Hi Sam,

I never made a logfile on the Vero so tested this out om my device and i must say: That’s easy!

So i drove to my brother to test the different files.
And the funny part is, we solved it within 1 minute!

He changed the output of the Vero from 1080p to 1080i.
After setting up the Vero in the correct manner it was flawless!

Thank you for willing to help.

Kind regards