[Vero 4k] stream audio over LAN from PC to OSMC

I would like to send a linux PC’s audio output to OSMC (running on Vero 4k) through the LAN. I searched the forums and i’ve seen old topics talking about A2DP but it seems to be Bluetooth related and i’d rather use the existing LAN.
Is there a way to do this ?

How are you planning to sent the audio? There are many options. E.g. you could use VLC on the PC to stream as RTSP, Icecast or simple HTTP.
You then just create a STRM file on OSMC and you are done.

i would like the whole audio output of the PC to be sent. I mean, instead of having the PC speaker playing the sound, i want the remote OMSC to do it. It seems to me the solution you’re talking about will not exactly do this right ?

Correct, my solution is to stream an audio/video file. Streaming your whole audio would depend on the OS you are using. But if that is your target maybe bluetooth is the easier option. If you want to use your LAN just google Stream audio output <your OS>

thank you very much for your answers. My question is more about OSMC : is it possible to do this with OSMC ? The PC’s OS is another concern (although important).

You mean OSMC as a sender or receiver?
OSMC as a receiver the easiest is to use the STRM based approach I mentioned above. You could combine that with the screensaver so that as soon as the screensaver kicks in OSMC will play what ever you sent from the PC.

I’ll try to rephrase my question because it seems we don’t understand each other.
I want to use OSMC as a remote sound card over the LAN for my PC. The PC’s OS is linux but actually i don’t care about it, it could be Windows or anything that would work. Also i don’t want to use bluetooth. I’m looking for a LAN based solution.
Is this clearer like this ?

It was clear on that before and the answer is yes you can use OSMC as a remote sound card over the LAN for your PC. The easy way is what I explained above using a STRM file on OSMC to receive the audio. If you don’t want to use the file based approach (which with the screensaver approach can be automated) the alternative is to use alsa.
If you PC is Linux this solution based on alsa would work.

But the downside compared to my file based suggestion is that you would need to release the alsa sink when you want to watch a movie or play local audio.

it’s not that i don’t want the STRM approach but if i’m understanding well, this will not allow to send all of the PC’s audio output to OSMC but only a particular media file right ?

I’ll take a look at the alsa solution and give a feedback in case someone is interested.

That will also allow you to stream all your audio from your PC.
Don’t mix it up with the VLC topic I said in my first response. As I mentioned you would have to look at Sender and Receiver solution separately.