Vero 4K stuck on OSMC splash screen after multiple freezes

Basically what the title says. Can’t SSH in, rebooting multiple times hasn’t done anything yet (with and without USB drives connected), latest time on the splash screen has been at least the past 15 minutes. Had been watching a movie when the Vero froze up and I had to hard reboot. Did it again, hard reboot. Third freeze and i left it off to see if I could figure out what was going on (unit was feeling hot to the touch).

Finally rebooted again and it stays on the splash screen for about 15 seconds and then goes to black…and then I get the ‘No Signal’ on my TV, as though the Vero isn’t even connected to the input. Blue light is still on the front of the Vero, so it hasn’t shut off. But I’m absolutely stumped. (EDIT: Okay, I’m actually able to SSH in now…but I’m not getting any visual input from the Vero on my TV. Eh?)

Purchased this unit back on May 6th, 2017 and it had been working absolutely flawlessly up until this point. I’d provide logs and whatnot, except for the fact that I, y’know, can’t access anything in the system right now. Any thoughts? Or is this looking like a warranty claim? I love this unit and it’s going to suck to be without for even a little bit.

Which OSMC splash screen? There are two: one will say ‘Please stand by’; once will be blue. Blue means the device is booting and you should be able to login and get output.

A recent add-on or skin may be causing some problems. You could try:

mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi-backup

If that fails, I’d recommend reinstalling OSMC. It should get you up and running again without issue.


The blue splash screen. Although now (mentioned in my edit) it’s progressing past the splash, but not actually outputting through HDMI to my TV after the splash. But I can SSH in. Bizarre.

After the splash, Kodi starts.
A black screen can mean an incompatible / corrupt add-on or skin. Logs will
probably show this.

Try moving the Kodi directory away to see.

Nope, moved Kodi to no avail. Same response with the black screen and no signal.

I don’t know if this will mean anything, but I checked the logs and one of the lines appears in red and reads as follows: kernel: Reserved memory: incorrect alignment of CMA r

Seems like that’s the spot where it’s crashing out.

Unless that’s significant (it’s Greek to me, unfortunately), it’s looking like an OSMC reinstall is in my future. Better than my Vero being toast, though.


Would need to see the full logs to have any ideas. The alignment message is just a warning because of how CMA is configured in the Device Tree.

Power it off at the wall for a moment while you prepare the installer from Download - OSMC, and when you connect it back up and reinstall, it should be OK


Okay, I have no idea exactly what happened, but I took a suggestion from another thread regarding the potential for an issue with HDMI output (since I was getting the splash screen, but then a ‘No Signal’ following) and cut the power to my TV and allowed that to reboot, along with the Vero. Kodi loaded, though all my settings seem to be set back to defaults, skins and everything. Was attempting to install a skin and it appeared things froze again. Rebooted from SSH…and I’m back to ‘No Signal’. sigh

This makes me think that OSMC doesn’t need a reinstall because it did just work…briefly…but something’s off on the output display from the Vero.

(EDIT: Also, I greatly appreciate your help, Sam, I feel like a dummy sometimes when it comes to this stuff and value you people who actually know what you’re doing. :slight_smile: )

EDIT 2: The display works if I shut the TV off and on again. Never used to do that. Also, it’s still seeming to randomly freeze up once it’s in Kodi. I don’t even (apparently) have any add-ons or skins installed that could be doing this at this point, since everything reverted to defaults. Just froze up again as I’m typing while I was trying to select a skin, it’s stuck and repeating the selection-move noise.

I’d try a reinstallation if you can. If you can get debug logs that could also help.

Any attached peripherals to the device?
As always, make sure it’s connected directly to the wall.


Yep, connected directly to the wall and the only peripherals I have connected are the dongle for the remote and my USB drive bay (and I tried much of this troubleshoot sans the latter).

Definitely going to have to do the reinstall, as now it’s not even booting into Kodi anymore, at least not consistently (just got it to do it with the drive bay disconnected, but it still froze upon moving in the menu). Can no longer SSH in (because it freezes so quickly), etc. Can try and get some debug logs if it’ll cooperate long enough for me to get them. :smile: Going to have to find myself a spare microSD card tomorrow and try that reinstall.

Potentially dumb question…do I just put the .img file on the microSD and the Vero loads everything from that? Or do I have to prep the microSD in some fashion?

Use the installer from Download - OSMC and it will set up the card for you.

Is the hard drive externally powered? If it isn’t, and it draws too much power, it could cause some crashes. I’ve also seen some hard drives cause kernel panics before when they are having problems, so I’d attempt the installation without the disk attached and see if OSMC is stable for an hour or so.


Ah, got it…silly me, I was clicking on Linux thinking, “The Vero’s Linux, soooo…” but I’m prepping it on Windows. I obviously need some sleep so I can approach this with fresh eyes in the morning. :sweat_smile:

Externally powered USB, so it shouldn’t be drawing power on that front.

Thank you again, I appreciate your help!

Okay, did a reinstall this morning and so far, so good. The toughest part for me will be remembering how to properly reinstall stuff like SABnzbd, Sickbeard, etc. (thankfully, I have bookmarks from this very forum from the first time I did this), but it’s working thus far and re-propagating my libraries.

Sickbeard caused another user some lockups a few months ago, not sure why, but I suspect the problem is there. If it happens again, try disabling one service at a time