Vero 4k stuttering suddenly

i have my vero 4k for a couple of years and now suddenly 4k movies are stuttering and nothing chaanged ? is there something new with the last updates ? 1080P movies play fine , when i start a 4k movie like Dunkirk it starts and sometimes it starts stuttering , i see it with many other movies now.


Check your network throughput with iperf3 (both directions) and also try to play the file from a USB stick to exclude the network as a source of the issue

i already tried playing from a USB harddisk , same problem so it is not the network and the network did not change , a week ago it was fine

Next step is to provide debug enabled logs.

Thanks fzinken , i will do that tonight i am at work now

hereby the link to the logs


Adjust display refresh rate: Off

Change this option to On Start/Stop

If that does not help I see that you are using Kodi SMB mounts. Switching to a kernel mount (fstab or autofs) may improve your network performance.

i will try that thanks, just instaled a NUC with kodi and there are no problems with 4K files playing fine, i do not know where to find autofs can you tell me ?

Our Wiki has lots of useful information. This would be a good starting point for you:

Improving the mounting of network shares will not help if the playback problem is also happening with USB storage guys. :slight_smile:

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i totally agree and also the same files i play with fresh installed NUC with kodi and there are no problems with 4K files are playing fine, strange is that a week ago everything was fine and now it is stuttering and buffering (only with 4K files) maybe something to do with updates OSMC ??

Did you change adjust refresh rate yet?

yes i did same problem and what i also did was a complete fresh install on the Vero also did not help,maybe someone will buy it :grin: because the NUC is really fast and no problems with 4K

The problem is with throughput to the NAS:

2019-07-10 16:22:40.978 T:3531158240 DEBUG: CAMLCodec::GetPicture: VC_BUFFER LEV:0.00 ttd:-70645921ms x:100.000

The log doesn’t show any attempt to playback from USB.


Sam, i play the same files to my NUC no problem, why should i lie about playing the same movie from USB disk and that is fine ? so you say my NAS is to slow ? how can you explain that the same file from the NAS to the NUC has no problem ?

A log with Adjust Refresh Rate enabled would be useful; as keeping this setting off is not optimal.
You have an original Vero 4K which is limited to 100Mbps. Your NUC probably has a 1000Mbps Ethernet port.

There is a significant amount of overhead by adding shares via Kodi. An OS level mount would probably overcome this; but 4K UHD rips may benefit from a Gigabit Ethernet port.

correct my NUC has 1000Mbps, also my switch so that is no problem , if understand you correct the Vero 4K+ with 1000Mbps would be better ? or i have to dig in and try autofs ? correct me if i’m wrong.


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With the Vero 4K + you shouldn’t need to use autofs; although it would still be advisable.


ok i will try to get the autofs working on my Vero 4K, new for me but let you know the result

i made changes , i hope i did it correct , what i did was made the autofs with Putty, set auto refresh rate to on start/stop (fzinken told me) here new link with logs , was watching John Wick 2 , stuttering and many black screens for a second