Vero 4K + - Suddenly not working!

HI all,

I have sent a message direct but thought I would post on here and see if anyone could help at all?

I bought my Vero 4k + in September last year, I bought it “new” from ebay from a store not a private seller so I suspect there wont be warranty etc (although I am hoping).

I have only actually used it few times because we moved an then the pandemic hit. I have just gotten round to finishing my Cinema room and have had it linked up to an atmos soundbar, all of a sudden it has stopped working. I think? It is not being recognised either when connected to my soundbar or directly connected to the TV. I couldn’t remember if there were any lights on the unit before, but there are none now and the unit is stone cold.

The first thing I thought was there may have been an issue with the adapter, a fuse or something but its obviously sealed…

Any thoughts anyone? I would assume its not normal for it to just die with such little use. Its immaculate.

Kindest regards

You could try powering the device with a USB cable and seeing what happens


Thanks for the reply Sam, I dont think I have a double ended usb cable… Usually just lots of cables that have the smaller phone type ones… I will take a look.

I recommend you getting a voltmeter. It’s the best for cases like this. Check the adapter and if it is working check if there is current coming out from the USB-ports, etc. It should get you started.