Vero 4k+ support for UHD BluRay ISOs (menus etc) and CMI6206 USB Audio

  1. Can I just confirm that the 4k+ doesn’t currently support playback of decrypted UHD BluRays (ISOs) with menus etc?

  2. Would the following device be supported in order to get 7.1 analogue audio out from films with HD audio? (It works on libreelec on x86 generic)

It looks like a standard USB-Audio device so it should be supported. According to the specs you won’t get ‘HD’ audio (sample rates higher than 48k) out of it and there’s no support for the fancy stuff like the equaliser which you would get with the Windows driver.

  1. Blu-ray will work (even some encrypted titles) will work. Menu support is limited. BD-J menus will not work.
  2. Yes – should work.

Thanks for the rapid responses!

Is there hope for UHD BD-J support in future? Or is that unlikely?

Thank you.

No - it’s not likely to happen on any non Intel platform. There’s a test thread but there’s no hardware acceleration, so it doesn’t work well.

Good to know, thanks Sam.

I have two different “certified” software BluRay players for Windows, and neither one plays back all BD-J menus correctly.

If two companies that have access to all the details of the requirements can’t do it right, there’s not a lot of hope for Kodi on any hardware platform.

That’s disppointing to hear. I know I’m in the minority but I much prefer to have full ISO copies of my BluRays and feel like I’ve just popped it into a BluRay player. I might have to rethink my backup strategy for 4k discs then.

Do the BD-J menus on normal HD BluRays work on the 4k+? I don’t have any issue with those on LibreElec on x86 or Rpi4.

Those aren’t BD-J menus you are describing, if it’s working on RBP.

You can still keep the full ISO and just select the feature manually. HD ISOs with standard menus will work.

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