Vero 4K+ Suspend - Request

Hi ,

Is it possible for the Vero 4K+ to go into a proper suspend like CoreElec can do? I know that the current Vero 4K+ Suspend reduces CPU cycles which is fine (and good) but would also be good to have a full suspend.

The reason I ask is that I run the Titan MOD skin which cycles through fanart. My Media and fanart are on a NAS so, basically, the NAS is being hit all the time and thus failing to hibernate disks. Also the CPU temperature stays quite high as the Titan skin is whirring away in the background still.

PS I do know that the CoreElec Suspend only works on some devices (notably S922) and not on all S905’s. I think


The device can be put in a lower power mode, but you won’t be able to wake it up without an infrared remote which makes this less ideal. Most are using the supplied RF remote.

If you’re worried about your NAS not spinning down disks, why not just disable networking using the wake and sleep hooks?

Thanks Sam. Understood.

Let me look up the wake and sleep hooks – no idea about them :slight_smile:

There was another user who was recently using the hooks to toggle networking as well. See Script directory and additional Main Menu action

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