VERO 4K System Off Flashes Red LED

What system? You aren’t giving much info and haven’t posted in an a specific sub forum.

Sorry about the VERO 4K

There should be a red light ifyou shut down Vero 4K

Hi Sam!
Paolo is a friend of mine.
The issue is very strange: if Paolo attach the Vero 4K directly on the plug in the wall the Led is red when power is off and obviously blue when powered on.
But if he plug the Vero 4K on in a multi-socket like this one 7110117 when he turns off the plug-switch of the Vero 4k the red Led flashes every 15 sec.
If he doesn’t touch the Little blue switch on the multisocket the Led stays Red.

This strange issue happens only from a week, before never happened, and the multisocket is always the same…

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot


The Vero is required to be directly plugged into the wall outlet and not through a power bar


What is difference between the Vero4K, and other electronic equipment, that it should not be plugged into power strips? I have had my Vero4K for 15 months and it has always been plugged into a power strip. It has worked faultlessly all that time.

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There’s no difference re. PSU requirements.
But a lot of power strips are problematic.

So if you ordered a Vero 4K + and used the same strip, you’d be fine. But it looks like if you used OP’s, you’d have some problems.