Vero 4k+ takes a long time to boot when HDD is plugged in

Hi. Hope someone can help me figure out what’s going on with my Vero. Whenever my 4tb hdd is plugged in, it takes a long time for my Vero to boot up.

HDD is NTFS. Here’s the log.

Does it hang on the splash screen or the Please Stand By screen.

It takes about 2 minutes on the “please stand by” screen. Very briefly on the splash screen.

Know issue with certain drives. Just happens every second boot.

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It’s probably a Seagate drive. Known issue with the firmware on some of them.

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HDD’s fault? Not Vero’s?

Effectively, yes

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Thanks, @sam_nazarko & @fzinken!

Have you guys also experienced this with Western Digital MyBook? WDBACW0040HBK-SESN?

It won’t handle halted endpoints properly, so should be the same issue.

Will see if one day we can get a fix out


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Hope this helps. Some guy from this thread is saying it should be solved by disabling boot feature from USB. Can this be disabled manually by the user?

That thread is completely irrelevant as it is damn near 10 years old and in reference to slow boot of Windows systems on a PC.

Why would you even be rebooting a Vero so often that this would be anything more than a small annoyance?

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I’m sorry if it’s irrelevant. I just thought it could be related.

I like the Vero. I sell Veros where I am. I consider what I do challenging because my market is finicky with players. Our market is flooded with Nvidia Shield, Zidoo, Himedia. Then we have the chinese brands that are so cheap, people use them as paperweight at the slightest annoyance.

I want to give people a very good impression of Vero. For me, Vero has great picture and sound quality, if not the best. Some people don’t see it that way. Some would consider a slow booting player an inferior product. I’d hate to have Vero unfairly judged by this aspect alone, but it happens. Others think the absence of a power button to be a deal breaker. I don’t understand why, but I respect that.

When buyers complain to me, I try to solve it on my own through research or other means. If I can’t, I let you guys know about it here. This is how I think I can best contribute.

I already told the user to use Power → Suspend instead of shutdown and use Power → Exit instead of reboot. If this is not acceptable to him then I have to respect that. I don’t like it, but I accept it. What you and I consider to be a small annoyance, may be a deal breaker for others. You know, some people here would rather buy a different player than to wait for a solution.

My best guess as to why it’s a big deal is that most of them are accustomed to turning things off when not in use. Heck, some people I’ve encountered turn their mobile phones off when not using them. (How are you supposed to call or sms them?). People don’t usually buy a NAS because they say it’s expensive, but they buy speakers 10x the cost. If they do buy a NAS, they still turn them off. You may find it silly, but that’s just how it is here. And you know the influence of Google and Netflix nowadays, people want it, and they want it yesterday. So imagine they have their TVs and receivers already on, and they’re just looking at “Please Stand By” for 1.5-2 minutes. I don’t know. That’s just how I see it if I put myself in their shoes.

I understand that you guys have your own design principles/plans for how the Vero would work that’s different from most people’s opinion in my market. And if what I post doesn’t fit this I don’t mind getting a ‘no’. I’m not demanding for features or fixes. I know I’m just a guest here and you guys are the host of this party. They’re merely requests. If my contribution helps, then great! If not, then I’d appreciate it if you’d let it slide.

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Do you have access to the drive, or only a customer?
If you are willing to do some testing I can see what can be done.

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I’ve access to the reseller who sold to the customer. He’s up to some testing for 1-2 days before he turns the Vero over to his client. What do you want him to try out?

Can’t develop a solution that quickly but @fzinken can reproduce, so I can use him as a somewhat permanent guineau pig


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No need to rush, Sam. Thanks.