VERO 4K+ temperature problem

I have a Vero 4K + that has a high CPU temperature (80-90 ℃).
Can I open it and put more silicone paste on the CPU?

Is it permanent that hot 24x7? If so I would check why is it running so hot. What is the CPU Load?

You can, but would loose your warranty. Also question is what more silicone helps. Unless it is dried out for whatever reasons that would not make a dfifference.

How long have you had the device?

What are you doing when you hit these temperatures?

I watched a 2.5 hour mkv movie and Vero started at 44 ℃ and was up to 82 ℃ at the end and the CPU was at 10%.
10 minutes later the temperature was 66 ℃ and the CPU was 0.3%.
Could it be something that starts in the background, such as upgrades or something?

Had it for 2 years.
VERO: n reboots

This sounds odd as normally during Video Playback only the GPU would be used (unless it is a codec that is not hardware decoded) and we haven’t seen heavy temperature exposure from the GPU.
Normally for me the temperature during video playback may go up by 5 degree.

Possible, you can share logs via MyOSMC - Log Uploader and share here the URL. If you indicate the times when you saw the high temperature we could check.

I have logged in for a 2 hour movie but the temperature only went up to 77 ℃.
Will wait until the heat rises more.