Vero 4k the right device for me?

Hi there!

I hope you can help to find out if Vero4k is the right device for me.

My situation:

  • right now I do use a RPi3 with Libreelec
  • i dont want any android running in the background
  • now upgraded my TV to 4K → thats why I need another media player
  • Audio playback through a soundbar → gonna upgrade to AV + 7.1 system in 2018
  • all my data are located on a Synology NAS (about 10TB video data)
  • I have mixed videos files (1080p + 2160p), .264, HEVC

What I want:

  • perfectly running kodi
  • no need for streams (Amazon, Netflix - doing that with a Fire TV Box)
  • it should automatically switch to the right resolution 1080p / 2160p after staring a movie
  • does HDR work?
  • audio / video pass through a AV Receiver should work fine?
  • I am worried about the 100mbit LAN… isn this a bottleneck. Trying to avoid WLAN where I can

An my final question… why chose a Vero4K instead of the Odroid C2?

Hope you can help me …

Well “perfectly” always is subjective. But Vero4k gives one of the best Kodi experiences in the market

Fine with that as it will only be supported by the Vero4k in the future

Vero4k will do that for you. Generally the GUI runs in 1080 for best performance but TV will be automatically switched to 2160p if you play a video in that resolution (this will not happen for image display).

Yes HDR10 is supported, but suggest you search the forum a bit. While there were quite some improvements on OSMC seems some TV’s are still problematic (TV Firmware issue)

Yes that should work fine. Some AV may not report the TV resolution correctly based on the power on sequence but if worth comes to worth you always can manually overwrite that.

The 100Mbit LAN should not be a bottelneck or do you have any Video File that has a Bandwidth higher than 94mbit/s?

Well you get 5 years software updates guaranteed and support from a developer who cares about every single issue that is reported.


Even then, you can play higher bitrate rips, but you will have to wait a second or two for the video to buffer.

Only a recent Samsung update seems to be causing a problem, but the users on the Samsung forum have made enough noise that it will likely be solved soon.

Once you add everything up (eMMC, remote, case etc), the price is very similar. I think the Vero 4K will meet your requirements.

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I had a Odroid C2 before and just switched to the Vero 4k because of the following reasons:

  • A nicer box with clean cabling going to the rear only.
  • A very nice remote, better then the Minix A2 lite i was using with the Odroid C2.
  • Monthly updates. LibreELEC on the Odroid is updated much less frequent.
  • I had two rare problems (sometimes rapid dropped frames, sometimes frequent buffering) that i hope don’t happen with OSMC.
  • A much cleaner and more modern looking default skin in OSMC. But i switched back to Estuary because of missing features.

Can you elaborate? Anything in particular?

I have pretty mich the same preferences as the thread starter and I am very pleased with the Vero 4k.

I’ve just escaped Android hell with all its limitation and the Vero 4k does everything better and more stable than even the best Android box (shield tv).

I’m pasting here from my First impressions post:

  • No easy configurable widget for TV series and movies to display the „in progress“ content to easily continue a movie or series.
  • No indicator in the timeline at what position in the current video the use of skip steps will jump to.

Is that understandable especially the second part?

I understand the second - had never noticed it on Estuary but it’s a nice feature. I don’t understand the first, but maybe the skin developers do.

Thats the area i was talking about. I need this. :slight_smile: (Who doesn’t need this??)

Me. But I’m from the ‘watch it when it’s broadcast’ generation so don’t have a TV show library :wink:

Thanks for clarifying - don’t know how difficult those would be to incorporate.

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Quick question, do you (or anyone) have any idea what that little “eye” icon is in the bottom right of the artwork? I see it on my TV shows, but not on my movies. Just curious.

I think it stands for 7/80 “watched”.

Ah, that would explain why it doesn’t have it for the Movies. Thanks!