Vero 4K - Touchscreen IIYAMA TS2250


I would like to connect my IIYAMA TS2250 to my Vero 4K, so that I can use the touch function of the monitor. I have connected the HDMI and USB cables, the display function is ok, but the touch function doesn’t work.

The TS2250 monitor works on a UBUNTU/KODI 17 combination if I do the following:

  1. Start UBUNTU desktop
  2. From the UBUNTU desktop start KODI via batch file which does a ‘export SDL_MOUSE_RELATIVE=0’ before it starts KODI

How can I use this function on the Vero 4K?

On UBUNTU the IIYAMA touchscreen is shown as

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0408:3001 Quanta Computer, Inc. Optical Touch Screen

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



Your Ubuntu system is using X11, which is driving the touch functionality of the display. I believe it uses the xf86-input-hidtouch driver. Vero 4K uses GLES for Kodi, so the touchscreen functionality likely won’t be possible unless the manufacturer realised a different driver. This is the same for other ARM platforms (such as Pi)