Vero 4k Transmission Help

Hi All,

Im new to kodi and i have purchased a vero 4k. Now i have used a popcorn hour in the past and would love to use transmission again to download all my content direct to my external hdd connected. Having trouble with this. I can get transmission running and i can download direct to the sd card but not my external drive.

Can anyone guide me to setting this up please?

Install Transmission from App Store (found under My OSMC)
Log in to Transmission and point it to your drive which will be mounted under /media.

Let us know if you need any further pointers and how you get on.


Yes tried that but i get error permission denied every time i start the download. Any thought?

Did you use the forum search for the keywords “transmission permission denied”?

Yes and all a bit confusing. All I want to do is download straight to hdd via transmission on pc.

For anyone to help, you need to describe your system in more detail, plus we’d need to see the system journal (grab-logs -J) and, if one exists, the transmission log.