Vero 4K - UDH and Sound with AV receiver Issues

Got an box, installed it with supplied HDMI and updated it.

But setting the menu to 4K makes the AV Receiver turn picture off and On over and over again.
Same with UDH movies with sound the Receiver is unable to display anything the display on the AV receiver just blinks, i can see atmos sound signal goin off and On.

Worked with my Intel NUC also for 4K but no HDR, any idea what is happening ?


Try another HDMI cable just to rule out an issue with it.
Otherwise post a debug log via My OSMC.

Super, have tried my old HDMI.

Logs uploadet :slight_smile:

You need to provide the link to the logs.

okey, did no know that one - but here :

Please post a debug log.

Can you confirm if you restored Kodi settings / data from another device?


New logs - Did not restore anything, started from begining. -

Is the device connected directly to the TV? It seems the display is lost.
I’d try playback with the device connected directly to the TV temporarily, and a reboot after you do this.

What happens if you set the video mode to 4K via Settings -> Appearance temporarily. Do you still have a picture?


If i go directly to TV, display works but no Atmos sound etc.
Only the good sound with my AV - Pioneer SCLX-58 which is not HDR but full 4K.

select 4K in menu, it takes a while for the display to show up, but comes up, just goes blank and on again repeately.

Could it be a issue between my AV and the vero ? -
Or should i try and buy a more expensive HDMI Cabel ?

Can you post a log when the screen goes blank and on?

A video would also be useful

In the logs i uploaded, the same thing happens - On and Off.