Vero 4K, unable to change keymaps

Hello, since several hours I tried now to get a keymap modification running without success. My System is a Vero 4K with the Linux 3.14.29-160-osmc and Kodi 18.9. With the OSMC remote control everything works fine, but usually I use a Harmony remote control which is not capable to send a long press command. While watching pictures I miss the ZoomIn feature which is normally linked to a long press of arrow up.
Currently my opinion is, that my problems are not caused by long or short press commands, none of my modifications is working. I installed the keymap editor addon. For test purposes I mapped the volume down key to turn pictures counter clockwise. In the folder /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps the file gen.xml appears, I think the contents of this file is OK.

<keymap><pictures><keyboard><key id="61624">rotateccw</key></keyboard></pictures></keymap>

But also after reboot nothing happens, volume down only decreases the volume and doesn’t rotate the image.
In Settings/System/Input/Peripherals/OSMC RF Remote/ the first entry: Don’t use the custom keymap for this device is not checked and in the second entry: Keymap to use for this device is typed osmc.
What is my failure?

Had you read through this wiki?

This kind of modification should be okay to do with the keymap editor but you don’t need to reboot to take effect and the window you need to program to is incorrect as you keymapped to “pictures” which is the window before you bring up the images fullscreen and does not allow for this action. You need to modify “slideshow” instead. The following for reference is the relevant section of the keymap the OSMC remote is using.

		<up mod="longpress">ZoomIn</up>
		<down mod="longpress">ZoomOut</down>
		<return mod="longpress">ZoomNormal</return>
		<rightbracket></rightbracket> <!-- removes mapping from osmc-classic -->

Thank you for your help, now everything works fine. Perpaps you can add a hint in the wiki, that the gen.xml which is created by the kemap editor may have the wrong window name.

The IR remote I choosed in MyOSMC is the one which looks similar as the actual RC type, but instead of the volume key it has arrows. This seems to be the one which is offered by the Harmony remote control. With the keymap editor I found out, that the IDs are 226 and 227, so finally my gen.xml looks like this:

		<key id="226" >ZoomNormal</key>
		<key id="227" >ZoomIn</key>

Glad you got it going

It does not have the incorrect name. These are two different windows “music” and “slideshow” and it just happens that someone who isn’t intimately familiar with Kodi may miss the difference.

keymap editor>edit>slideshow>pictures>

OK, now I got it. Slideshow is really the last entry in the list. My way was

keymap editor>edit>pictures>pictures>