Vero 4K+ unable to keep up with 60 fps content

Hey. Just received my Vero 4K+ and everything seems to be working correctly except that the device simply cannot playback 60 fps videos correctly, the playback drops around 15 fps I’d say and the frames are not even dropped, it just lags (audio desyncs). What I find surprising is that this lag happens not only with 4K 60 fps but also 720p 60 fps videos. 4K 30 fps videos are playing smoothly for instance…

I’ve checked in OSMC the resolution is 3840x2160 and refresh rate is set on 60.00 but it makes no difference… I’m also using ethernet connection (CAT-6 cables, network shouldn’t be an issue).

Here are some logs (oh yeah watch out, there may be some NSFW names in there…)

Set the GUI to 1080p, any refresh rate. And under System > Player set Adjust Refresh Rate to Start/Stop and make sure that Sync Playback to display is off.

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Can you post some MediaInfo about the files you are playing?


Did all that but it didn’t change anything, same issue.

Here’s one GeneralFormat : MPEG-4Format profile -

Vero 4K +'s VPU only supports 4K30 for H264 content.
4K60 is supported for HEVC.

We’re not aware of any production content mastered as 4K60 H264, so we haven’t looked in to it much.


4K60 H.264 is no longer the norm but for early 4K videos it’s not very uncommon, and from what I can tell the adult industry is lagging behind :smiley:

But as I said, even 720p60 H.264 does not playback smoothly. Surely this is not intended.

What profile level is the 720p60 H264 content encoded in?

We support H264 AVC HP@L5.1 up to 4Kx2k@30fps.

My bad it’s 1080p not 720p. AVC Main@L4.2 60 fps

Can you upload a debug log of you just playing that file as well as a sample if possible?
Maybe something that’s not NSFW that exhibits the problem :blush:



I’ve isolated the playback part 2019-06-14 17:52:09.415 T:4071337984 NOTICE: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: smb://Daene -

And here is the video (10 sec sample)
I’ve notived in the debug screen that the playback ranges from 30 to 40 fps.

PS: It’s SFW :smiley:

Any news for me? Also regarding 4K60fps H.264, is it something that can be accomplished in the future?

I am starting to wonder if the Vero was the device I was looking for.

Not yet – I’m currently on holiday but I will catch up on things shortly.