Vero 4k Unusable after update

Please assist it wont play any file and keeps crashing after oct update

Sorry to hear this. Taking a look now.

Can you please enable debug logging, reboot and upload a fresh log?




hi sam, mine is same, if i reboot unit and try to play a file its fine, if the units been on a while and i try to play a video it starts then 2 secs in, tv says no HDMI signal, if i press stop, and wait about 10 secs the screen comes back on on kodi menu, clicking on video again does same

Can you please post a debug log when this occurs as well so we can see what’s happening?

Will do, I enabled the “djust display refresh rate on start stop”

So maybe this will cure, it will find out tomorrow as it was usually after TV/kodi wasnt used for a longish period

I have the same problem, noticed it after last update. Vero4k, connected to Samsung UE55J5502 TV via HDMI. It happens randomly. So far, noticed it on two various SD movies. It plays for 2-3s, then no picture and sound stops. Then TV reports no signal on HDMI, because display mode is unsupported.
In my case, even if I blindly stop playing on remote, it does not show any picture. I need to restart TV, or restart Vero by pulling out its power cable. Very annoying, as this happens completely randomly. Last time, it did it three times, as I tried to play movie. Then I restarted Vero and it plays normally.
As it happened randomly, I dont have any logs. Will post some if it appear again.

I’m getting on top of some issues which have appeared due to HDR issues. Shortly, I’ll post some simple instructions on how to revert this behaviour so you can watch content in the meantime.


Thanks Sam.
Todays morning, the issue appeared again, as Vero stayed on overnight. So I can get logs:
Hope they help. Look at time 10:54:52, where I tried to play Sammy adventures 720p movie.
I found something weird:

Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: codec:vdec_init, vf_provider_name =
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: codec:video first pts = 0
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: codec:vdec_request_irq ffffffc00168b260, parser
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: [tsync_avevent]event:1, param 1
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: video pause!
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: codec:video first checkin pts = 0
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: codec:first check in vpts <0x28:0x0> ok!
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: codec:Enter set parameter cmd1.
Nov 04 10:54:52 osmc kernel: codec:vdec1 video changed to 3840 x 2160 60 fps clk->667MHZ

…but I dont even have 4k TV…no wonder that picture is gone :slight_smile:

Just adding a #metoo to this. I’m having exactly this issue on all 3 of my veros.

Unfortunately I need a log to know what’s going on here.

Please try this: Black screen - #12 by grahamh

Following that link, there is some guide to downgrading via hotfix. Will the entire installatio be downgraded, or just some part, for example, kernel?
Tried that, and it was fast.
Now I have kernel 3.14.29-117… but dont remeber what was the number before downgrade .
Will test it, if the issue goes away.

Just the kernel.


Hi Sam, Tried the hotfix but no joy. No files are playing they just keep cutting out every few seconds and stuttering . Also home screen menu flickers and flashes black screen every few seconds. I have unplugged now till you can fix via update.

Your logs show a lot of errors caused by add-ons installed on your system.
Try another HDMI cable if you can otherwise I suggest a reinstall from You can take a backup and restore things slowly.