Vero 4K used as PVR

Hi all,
I’ve just ordered the TV dongle to use my Vero 4k as a PVR and I have some doubts.

  1. I think that the TV dongle will need one USB port correct?
  2. I would like to connect an USB drive to the Vero 4K for the recordings: it is allowed ?
    2.1 A standard portable USB drive without separate power it will be ok ?
    2.2 The disk will need some particular formatting ? if yes wich one?
  3. If yes to the questions 1. and 2. , can I remove the RF dongle for the remote since I have “view” between the VERO 4K and the remote ?
    Many thanks in advance :innocent:

You will need a powered USB hub for the tuner and hard drive.

Any normal filesystem should be fine.

Yes – you can use an IR remote, but the supplied remote won’t work without the USB attached.

Many thanks , it’s all clear.
One more question regarding the PVR usage: since the OTA EPG for italian channels is very poor, it is possible to setup an XML EPG solution linked to DVB-T2 channels instead of IPTV channels?

Yes. This is indeed possible. Maybe some Italian users here will know the best sources.