Vero 4K: Vertical Shift?

Hi Sam,

i ordered the great Vero 4k and i only want to know, if the “verical shift” option within the video settings during playback is implemented?

Thanks in advance & keep on the great work!


I don’t believe this has been implemented in the video decoder in Kodi yet.

However, you could disable hardware acceleration (Vero 4K will play 1080p in software without issue); or you could configure overscan which may give you a similar effect.


Dear Sam,

many thanks for quick reply!

Do you mean “video calibration” settings? If so, the OSD Buttons are shifted out of the video range and they were no more accessible. Is it possible to shift the OSD Buttons up (again)?

Just for info: i need the vertical shift for my Projector to mask 21:9 films on the screen.


Yes – those are the settings I’m referring to.
For now (at least), you will have to watch the content without hardware acceleration then.


thanks for answering, Sam.

Do you mean “vertical shift” is possible without HW acceleration? I play mostly 4k HEVC stuff…

Thanks again!

You won’t be able to play back 4K HEVC in software.

Vertical Shift isn’t currently implemented in hardware.

Many thanks for helping out!

I currently found a workaround!

I do not know why but it works :wink:

I did not try it with 4K though