Vero 4k Video Stutter - A solution? (Seemed to work for me.)

I’ve had a Vero 4k for some time. It’s mainly used as a front end for my MythTV PVR system. It’s worked fine for most of the time, and has a wired ethernet connection.

I know the moderators are going to hate this statement - but I hadn’t noticed the problem before. “It started after the recent software update.”

When playing video, there was a short stutter, every five to ten seconds. The audio was fine, but the picture jumped, seemingly because a bunch of frames were dropped.

It varied depending on the playback file, sometimes hardly noticeable, sometime more so, but it was always there. I trawled the forums but didn’t find a solution that worked.

I noticed people talked about ethernet through-put causing video problems, mostly for wireless connections. I checked the network settings anyway.

In the past I’d being trying to get ethernet to wireless hot-spot working. (It didn’t.) When I was playing around with the settings, I left the wireless interface activated, so both the wireless and wired interfaces were on. When the wireless was switched off, the video stutter problem disappeared.

Problem solved.

I hope this helps someone who has a similar problem.