Vero 4K+ vs. RPI3b / Change Framerate

Please let me kow how it´s possible that OSMC on RPI plays all codecs and framerates smooth and without stuttering, but on my Vero 4K+ I have to change the framerate everytime it´s different.
Many movies and shows uses differnet framerates, so I always have to look in the information before start watching (23.98, 24.00, 25.00, etc.), then I have to change it in the menu, after this I can look my content smooth.

Why the Vero does not change this automatically? I tried also to change the settings, but it doesn´t.

Any solutions for this?

Do you have the GUI set to 1080p?
Do you have Adjust Refresh Rate set to Start/Stop?

If both questions answered with yes, than please provide debug enabled logs.

As @fzinken suggests, you probably have different settings on the two devices

I will check and come back asap. Thx

So until now it seems to be working correct. But btw, why it is important to fix GUI to FullHD?

Kodi cannot take advantage of a 4K GUI.