Vero 4k WiFi capabilities


I’m interested in getting a Vero 4k and I’m curious about it’s WIFI capabilities specifically, as a wired connection from it to my NAS is unfortunately not an option. I have a pretty decent Netgear R7000 router which supports a 5GHz network, can I expect to be able to stream 4k HDR content from my NAS via wifi? I’d be able to live with it taking a couple seconds to start playing a movie for example, but buffering issues during playback is something I would not be able to accept. Thanks in advance!

Yes, the Vero 4K support 5Ghz WIFI.

But you understand it is impossible to answer that question. This all depends on your connection. Put your Vero 500 yards away from your router and I doubt you’ll be able to watch SD content. It all depends on the throughput of your connection and bitrate of the content you want to stream.

Hi , I have the same router and WD MyCloud attached as NAS. It’s not possible to stream 4k HDR via wifi.

Thank you. Are you using the internal wifi of the Vero or the wireless adapter from the store?

I am using internal wifi for testing.
Normally it’s connected via ethernet to R7000 to avoid constant buffering and frame skipping in 4k HDR content.

Just out of curiosity, what bitrates are the 4k HDR content? As a rule I don’t use Wifi on anything I can cable as I find Wifi horribly unstable but I understand some people don’t have any other options.

Hi, bit rate max. around 80 - 90 Mb/s

Well as it has been written here on the forum several time. A good AC wifi connection can easily play highbit HDR content. So if there is no obstacles between the Vero4k and the router and no interruptions from other wifi networks in the vicinity you easily should play 80 Mbit files over wifi.

Check Wifi signal with wavemon and throughput with iperf