Vero 4k WiFi problems

Hi, I received my vero 4k recent day, when I i connect it by FTP tool(tool name: flashFTP, SFTP default) in windows 10, It tells me connect timeout, So I change SFTP to FTP , I can get the folder list from vero 4k,but it’s still so slow,then I disconnect, try it again,just tips connect timeout,I dont know how to do,could you help me?

I don’t have Windows to test from, but sftp to my 4K works fine.

Make sure that you are using username: osmc password: osmc

Can you ssh into your 4K from Windows?

yes the username and password is correct, and I try it in macbook, same as windows 10.

I was editing my reply as you posted. Can you ssh into the 4k?

Posting logs may help: How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

yes, ssh is ok,only FTP is not work

ssh into the 4k, and grab this line:

Last login: Mon Apr 3 02:00:57 2017 from cyberman.local

I’m interested in the from part.

Did you install the FTP server from the App Store?
SCP will be slower due to protocol overhead. WinSCP should work well for either

yes, but it dont works

Are you connected via WiFi or Wired?

While this might not solve your performance problem (but it may help you to figure out if the issue is the network) you may want to install samba server from OSMC App Store that would allow you “native” access from Windows10

yes, I can use samba to access share folder from windows 10

with better performance than FTP?

I’m sorry, I can’t see your command in your post

There is no command for what he means. Just after you login with your SSH client the first line reported back is “Last login…” and @bmillham just want to crosscheck that line to single out an issue

@fzinken @sam_nazarko @bmillham this is my tool sftp tips:

Connecting to…
Connection established.
To escape to local shell, press ‘Ctrl+Alt+]’.

Connection closed by foreign host.

Disconnected from remote host(osmc) at 13:59:26.

when I use FTP type not sftp,info here,could not get folder list

[14:16:07] [R] connecting -> IP= PORT=21
[14:16:07] [R] connected
[14:16:07] [R] 220 OSMC FTP Server
[14:16:07] [R] USER osmc
[14:16:07] [R] 331 Please specify the password.
[14:16:07] [R] PASS (hidden)
[14:16:07] [R] 230 Login successful.
[14:16:07] [R] SYST
[14:16:07] [R] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[14:16:07] [R] FEAT
[14:16:07] [R] 211-Features:
[14:16:07] [R] EPRT
[14:16:07] [R] EPSV
[14:16:07] [R] MDTM
[14:16:07] [R] PASV
[14:16:07] [R] REST STREAM
[14:16:07] [R] SIZE
[14:16:07] [R] TVFS
[14:16:07] [R] 211 End
[14:16:07] [R] PWD
[14:16:07] [R] 257 “/home/osmc”
[14:16:07] [R] CWD /home/osmc/
[14:16:07] [R] 250 Directory successfully changed.
[14:16:07] [R] PWD
[14:16:07] [R] 257 “/home/osmc”
[14:16:07] [R] PASV
[14:16:07] [R] 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,2,123,157,167).
[14:16:07] [R] 正在打开数据连接 IP: 端口: 40359
[14:16:07] [R] LIST -al
[14:16:07] [R] 150 Here comes the directory listing.

FTP uses 2 connections, a control + a data connection.

With the PASV command your FTP client on the PC told the ftp server on the 4K to provide an IP and port at which the data session can be established to exchange the data. You got as answer: Try at Port 40359 (which is 157*256+167).

So, EITHER something is preventing the outgoing connection on your PC OR between the PC and 4K something blocks the connection to the 4K OR there is something blocking the incoming connection on the 4K itsself.
Typically on Linux one use iptables for such firewall purpose but it shouldn’t be active, so could you check

  1. Present the output of sudo iptables --list --line-numbers from the 4K!

  2. Retry with deactivated firewall and antivirus gang on your PC!

  3. Recheck what’s between the 4K and your PC and could there be some firewall technology in between?

this is the log

[ ok ] Restarting vsftpd (via systemctl): vsftpd.service.
osmc@osmc:~$ sudo iptables --list --line-numbers
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
num target prot opt source destination

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
num target prot opt source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
num target prot opt source destination

ok, no iptables rules active on the OSMC device, what about points 2. + 3. ?

no antivirus software, I closed the firewall in wodows 10,still not work,