Vero 4K+ will not play certain MKV- files and other nuisances

If it’s any more difficult than plugging a network cable into the Vero then something is wrong. Have you got a customised network setup? Are you using static IP configuration on the Vero?

Ahh, ok things become a little clearer. For Kodi most users (I’d guess 90+%) will use either nfs or smb protocol to access the media files on the NAS. So using UPnP would be an unusual approach.

On the Mede8er, can you describe the steps from the home screen how you play back a movie? I’m trying to understand whether you are scraping movies over upnp or directly accessing the movies over upnp using the files interface.

To understand your experience and see the best way to help you, are you comfortable in using the command line and navigating around linux?

The problem is we don’t have enough information from you.

If you provide it we can all save a lot of time and I’m sure you won’t need to spend hours and hours on things.


I told you which NAS I’ve got, a zyxel NAS 540 with a static IP address
I uploaded the logs twice now, latest one on request of dillthedog, but no response uptill now.
What more information do you need then?

It seems that the Zyxel 540 is a Linux-based device, so you should be able to SSH to it.

But first, do you know in which directory the SMB “video” files are located on the NAS?

Yes, they are stored here:

smb:// Shows/
smb:// films/
smb:// films/

In the folder Video I subdivide it in older and new movies and TV shows.
Could that be a problem?

I think you misunderstood the question. smb:// is the SMB share name that will map to a directory name on the Zyxel’s file system. The real directory might, for example, be /video or /data1/video or some such name. (On a Synology it would probably begin /volume1.)

Ok, understood. On the Zyxel it is: /Volume1/video

See picture

Well, the screen shows Volume1/video, without the leading forward slash, but we’ll assume it’s there.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to SSH to the device and run some commands on the command line.

ls -la /Volume1/video/
ls -la /Volume1/video/CINEMA/
ls -la "/Volume1/video/CINEMA/Recente films/Penguin Bloom (2021)/"
ls -la "/Volume1/video/CINEMA/Recente films/Waves (2019)/"

Please post the output from the above commands.

Hi dillthedog,
Your link referres to loging into the Vero media player, but I trust you mean logging into the Zyxel NAS, right? I used Telnet for it, okay?
I was already playing around on my NAS in Linux trying to find the video folder. I could find an NFS shared folder, but the other files are hard to find. There is no folder Volume1 ??? I checked for hidden folders as well. My knowledge about Linux might be the problem here.Capture Volume1
See pic on your request:

Yes, to the Zyxel. Telnet is fine.

What’s the output of

ls -l /

(PS We discourage screen prints if a copy/paste is possible. Screen prints take more space and aren’t searchable.)

In the mean time I implemented a shared NFS drive on the Vero 4K+ and on the Zyxel NAS540.
Then I moved the unplayable Waves movie to the NFS share.
Opened up the movie with the Vero player and it plays fine. All the other unplayable movies played fine as well.

Next thing is to move 5 TB of movies to the NFS-share…will take a while :slight_smile:

Why moving your files ? In the same folders, you can share them with smb and nfs at the same time.

This is why I setup NFS only to my NAS and then I navigate through the file system only. I have added items to the libraries but I rather just use the file system. I use tiny media manager on windows to download media images and metadata. Even when using the filesystem only it still shows the metadata and the images in the background, if that is your thing. Personally I just want the fastest way to browse my NAS and that is always automatically refreshed. I rather keep my file system organised on the NAS than have the vero organising them for me, it is nice to show guests the libraries but for every day use, I’d rather use files system. But then I still use the default skin and don’t realy care about ascetics.