Vero 4K will not restart

So i have started to shut down or power off Vero 4k at the end of the day, but simply put it will not start up again unless i physically disconnect the power plug and reconnect.

I don’t have issue in doing a reboot, and at first i never bothered shutting down, it is just a recently have had problems with one WD external drive attached to the hub and decided i best eject all 4 drives and shut down at the end of the day.

After shut down the red light is on. but no matter which button i press on the remote the box does not respond and i read that it should just restart by touching any button?
any ideas?

You can wake from suspend using the remote but it you shutdown the only option to bring it back up is to disconnect power and reconnect.

You have to select Suspend instead of Shut Down to be able to wake the device up

Ah, thanks and thanks for the quick response.