Vero 4k+ with heavy uhd movie

Hello everyone !

I want to buy to vero 4k+ and i want to know if the vero 4k+ supports easily the heavy uhd movie (+ 50 go) only read with network (i start the movie with an url and i have a fiber connection).

Thank’s a lot :slight_smile:

Yes. The Ethernet port supports 1000M (Gigabit) so will be fine.

However you’d need a fast internet connection to stream 4K UHD rips (up to 128Mbps)


Set up correctly the original Vero 4K plays every UHD BD disk remux I have in my collection correctly across my network.
My 4K+ manages this without any tweaks using Windows SMB shares, imho I doubt until 8K movies appear that the 4K+ will struggle with anything that fits into the current spec of UHD disks.

Explain a little more what you mean by this. Are you referring to something like YouTube or Netflix? Or do you just mean your files are stored on a server at home? Or a cloud server?

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I made a kodi addon, which convert torrent on direct download link, and i play this ddl on kodi. So i wanted to know if the vero 4k can manage huge uhd movie, and i have my answer i think :slight_smile:

The 4K+ should be able to handle almost all UHD rips, as long as they were properly muxed (there are some Disney titles that have been problematic, but I think that issue was solved).

Of course you know that you are at the mercy of the internet in general, the capacity of the server where the torrents are coming from, etc… And the big problem is the quality of the actual torrents. They can vary considerably.

Okay good !
Yeah i know all of that aha, but i find many uhd files, it’s fine :slight_smile: thank’s a lot !

It will work if your Internet connection is up to it.