Vero 4K with Hue lights

I’ve read that Nvidia Sheild owners can use Hue Stream to sync the movie colours with their Hue bulbs successfully, has anyone tried this Hue add-on for Kodi yet?

Thanks @grahamh, I know how to use search but that does not answer my question.

I will give the add-on a try this weekend and report back.

Yeah, don’t mind me. Let us know how you get on as most of those posts are a bit old.

I tried this quite a while ago and I seem to remember the ambilight addons would only work if you disabled hardware acceleration. The ambilight would work but the video was unwatchable.

Well it all seems to work, Ambilight that is, maybe there’s been some Kodi improvements since you tried it @CaptainMoody. The colour changes seem quite subtle, might need to play with the settings

I think it’s still the same @CaptainMoody, the subtleness I descibed above was it not working :slight_smile:

I’ve just found another plugin though so will try that

No luck with the other plugin, it only works with hw acceleration off.

Just read about this though, new product from Hue

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As you already have the hardware, have you considered to drive the lights? It was originally used to drive a border of LED tape behind the TV. Other lamp options have been added since.

We have had an installer over on the Hyperion/Vero4K thread for building Hyperion for a while.
There is an experimental version of Hyperion with support for the modern Hue lamps (that is on the cusp of becoming part of the official system). In the meantime the installer has the option to build the experimental Hue version.

sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd hyperion-vero4k
sudo ./install hue

Select 2.
Select 2. Build from source

On build options select ENABLE_AMLOGIC and ENABLE_FB

When it is finished you can start the service by runnning:
sudo systemctl start hyperion

Stop it with:
sudo systemctl stop hyperion

Make it auto start at boot with:
sudo systemctl enable hyperion

You access the settings menu from a local web browser on port 8090

NOTE - in terms of setting it up it’s largely down to you and Google… But like I say, you’ve already bought the hardware. Maybe you’ll become the Hue guru and be able to advise others?

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