Vero 4k+ with logitech Harmony Hub via Bluetooth

Hi guys,
is it possible to pair my Vero 4K + and my Harmony Hub via Bluetooth and then to control the Vero 4k + with my Harmony 950 connected to the Hub?
I ask therefore, because the original remote control which seems to be connected also via Bluetooth reacts much faster than my Harmony via IR.

Thank you for every hint.


There have been several threads about this here… The best explanation as to how the setup is done would be this one, I believe: Configure Harmony Elite + Hub with Vero 4k/Kodi - #24 by Nickelig

If you own the Harmony Smart Keyboard with RF transmitters it’s also a good idea to have a look at this (RF is even more responsive): Harmony Hub RF setup

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I just added my Harmony yesterday but followed an other guide which worked flawlessly. (Can’t find it though since I am on mobile)
As far as I remember it was pretty straightforward and easy:
Open the harmony app on my mobile.
Add Device:
Home Entertainment.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Type: Kodi

Then create an action with the devices you need.
On the Vero I activated Bluetooth and checked the searching for devices box.

When you test the action and then try to press a key on the app it says it has to pair first. Your Vero should show a “Harmony Keyboard” in the found devices. Pair with it (no pin) and you should be set. Worked like a charm for me.