Vero 4k+ won't boot after update

I was prompted to do the update which looked like it installed successfully. But afterwards I get nothing. The red cross flashes and that’s it, nothing on the screen. Tried re- powering several time with same results.

Please help!


Still access via SSH or Webserver?

It might be booting but there is no HDMI signal.

Do you have an AVR?
What is the make and model of your TV?

That was the case. I have a Marantz 8805 AVR and JVC RS-500 projector. For some reason it reverted to 720x480i which the projector wouldn’t sync on. I hooked up an old display and changed the resolution and now it’s working.

This is an issue with updating from Kodi v17 to v18.
Glad this is solved.