Vero 4K+ won't boot up anymore?

Hi there,

I’ve had fun with my Vero4K+ for a little more then two weeks. I even enjoyed a movie last night and turned the Vero 4K+ of with the “power of” option in Kodi.

Today I tried to boot it up again, bu it won’t anymore :frowning: When I plug in the power cable I see the red led cross light up, but instead of the blue light activate like it normally does, it just turns of. Nothing happens. Anyone else had this problem? Any tips on how to fix this?

Kind regards,

The Vero 4K + doesn’t have a blue light.

Can you try another HDMI cable?
Is the device connected to the TV directly?

Have you tried reinstalling OSMC?

I found out the problem was not with my Kodi but av receiver. Sorry for the inconvenience!

No problem. Glad it’s solved