Vero 4K wont factory reset and other issues

I have been playing around with the Vero 4K and it is giving me quite a headache.

I try to factory reset under Updates/manual control but after I select the reset after reboot and exit and reenter the same setting it has unselected it. Meaning that nothing happens when I do reboot it?!?

It also wont ‘forget’ previous IP adresses for networks that are longer valid. Meaning that when I try to clean the video library it starts to scan for content on an IP adress there is no longer there (so it fails). If I reenter clean library it usually finds the right one.

Another thing is that it doesn’t seem to care about updated IP adresses from my router. Meaning that when I try to add a new video source It finds the previous IP and not the new one that was just assigned to the network (wireless). If I try to edit the IP manually it says that it cant find a network and then finds a connection on the previous IP? How does that work?

Also a question: Is NFS faster than SMB in regards to streaming wireless?


Think we’re aware of this as a bug. It’s not intended to reset everything however.

If you are not familiar with SSH, then it’s easiest to reinstall.
See Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC


In your case I’d suggest reinstalling OSMC which will get you in a better position.



Thank you that did actually fix the issues.

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