Vero 4K Working Great


If just like to say that I’ve been really happy with my Vero 4K and the October 2018 update. I’ve had some issues in the past, but it’s been performing flawlessly with my 4K HDR films and is a delight to use. Thanks for constantly working to make this a great device and constantly improving it. It’s confirmed that it was the right hardware to purchase for me.


Thanks for the kind words!


I chime in here. Just bought a new 4k UHD QLED and my old nuc wasn’t able to handle HDR and UHD properly (Of course I knew that). So after a bit of browsing the kodi forum I caught up on the vero and just bought it. It’s pretty neat and handles my hughe ass library pretty well, gui is smooth even with a million thumbnails, didn’t expect that. Needs a little more finetuning on my side but so far I’m pretty happy with it! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear this. If you need help with fine-tuning or have any questions, just start a post and we’ll be happy to help.