Vero 4k+ Would Freeze and Show Corrupted Splash Screen

Hi. Posting this on behalf of a friend.

His Vero 4k+ would freeze when playing back video, then would show the weirdest, corrupted s
OSMC splash screen. See attached photo. Can anyone please recommend what to do?

Do fresh install?


Well if your “friend” doesn’t know I assume you would know that without debug enabled logs there can not be any useful answer.
So either provide debug logs and mediainfo or do a reinstall.

How to provide debug logs if it freezes? SSH in? Then grab-logs -A?

Also, friend said sometimes he doesn’t need to play video. Vero freezes & does that. I’ll try to walk him through ssh and hopefully submit logs

Can he try another power supply?

Will let him try. Thanks!

Is the specs of the power adapter correct? 5 volts, 2 amperes, center is positive?

Yes. Your friend can also power using a USB cable (disconnect mains though)

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thanks, Sam!