Vero 5 and TV remote


Just some stupid questions, before I purchase Vero 5. I have awesome Sony TV controller which handle TV + soundbar and I really want to avoid using the one which comes with Vero 5.

  1. Will my remote work normally with Vero 5? I used to have Kodi on raspberry and LG TV remote worked fine
  2. Would it be okay to have turned Vero 5 all the time? Does it have some kind of standby mode, so it turn on if TV is turned on? Since I won’t be able to turn it on most likely with my Sony TV controller.



The features you are describing are known as CEC. You should be able to control your device with your TV remote.

Furthermore, you can get Vero to standby when you turn off your TV and come back when it turns back on. This should be the default behaviour for most TVs but if anything needs configuring we can help



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