Vero 5 - Optical out no DTS

I hope that I am able to explain this strange behavior (for me). English is not my primary language.

I have an old AV amplifier Onkyo SR606 that is not able to manage 4K signals.
So, I connected the Vero to the TV through HDMI and to one of the optical input of my amplifier.

I enabled also the passthrough in the OSMC configuration but I am not able to listen to DTS sources (all my library).

When I play dts videos from Vero I can usually only hear the music track. In some videos I can get stereo with speach included. No 5.1 (or PCM)

If I connect the Vero to the amplifier using the HDMI port, it works but I cannot obtain 4K video.

I have red on the forum some similar issues with the vero 4k.

Please, could you help me? Do you need more informations?

Best regards

You need to set audio output to 2.0 when using optical output. Please check that.

Ok, I’ll check tonight.
Another configuration that I am going to check is:

HDMI: Vero → TV
Optical: TV → Amplifier (return line)

I’ve just red this article; Audio hardware and software configuration - General - OSMC

If I have understood, if I want to listen to TrueHD or E-AC3 tracks I cannot use toslink (optical) connection but ONLY HDMI. Is it right?
My Onkyo is still really good, I would not replace it.

Toslink only supports stereo PCM and regular AC3 and DTS. With channels set to 2 and passthrough options enabled for AC3 and DTS that is going to give you the highest sound quality you can get from that connection. If you also enable AC3 transcoding that will allow surround sound from other formats to pass through that connection without being converted to stereo. You could possibly purchase an HDMI splitter to be able to use HDMI for both your connection to your AVR and TV. If you search the forum I believe you will find at least a few discussions on this particular kind of setup.

Thank you again. I’ll check your tips and let you know. I’d like to understand if the passthrough video of my onkyo works with a 4K signal. I am able to reproduce it but I don’t understand if it is downscaled to 1080.
My reasoning is that if my onkyo should not able to passthrough a 4K signal, I cannot see any output on the TV! Don’t you think?

I will try also this configuration:

HDMI: Vero → TV
HDMI: TV (HDMI ARC) → Amplifier

I was referring to a box that you would plug the Vero into via HDMI and the box would split that into two HDMI connections with one of them going to your TV for the video and the other going to your AVR to pick up the audio. Your AVR wasn’t designed for ARC or 4K so if you want to keep using it then you have to either live with its limitations or practice a bit of creativity with how your using it.

I’d be surprised if your AVR could accept a 4k signal but always downscale it. It would be simpler to pass it through! Your TV should have an ‘info’ button that tells you what signal it’s receiving.

It’s unlikely you can pass an HDR signal through the Onkyo even if it is 4k and you will definately not be able to play 4k at 50 or 60Hz framerate.

Yes, I have seen something on the market but I have to focus a better search. The one that I see is able to split the signal BUT at the resolution of the lowest monitor. So I think that it should be forced to 1080 due the connection to the Onkyo

I’ll be looking better in the next days

I am sorry but I gave wrong informations before. The test file that I used to play wasn’t a real 4K file. When I tried when a new one, I cannot have any output video from the Onkyo. So, it is not able to passthrough a 4K signal.

Neither, I guess, the Onkyo is able to receive a ARC signal from the TV because I cannot listen to any sound. I will look forward later.

At the moment, my working solution (but with limitation) is:

TV Optical toslink → Onkyo

At the moment, I can see the signal “dolby digital” on the display of the onkyo, while, if I connect the Vero directly to the onkyo through an HDMI cable, I have a “dolby digital PLUS” signal

Do you have any other tips?
Thank you

The idea being that your not trying to get the video passing through the AVR, but rather just use the audio part of that connection to get the audio capabilities that are not supported via toslink. If you connect your Vero to your Onko and play a 4K video the display drops but the audio still plays from the AVR doesn’t it? All I’m talking about is a cheap splitter that duplicates the HDMI signals that one could find for around $20.

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The surround audio formats you can get through ARC are usually the same as you get through TosLink. Depends on the TV.

I think you should be able to find a splitter that gives you options as to which output provides the EDID information. It’s difficult to find information on that for the cheaper devices - you may just have to buy one and send it back if it doesn’t do what you need, rinse and repeat.

Splitter ordered. Waiting for shipping :smiley:

Sorry, actually physically couldn’t resist

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Be careful doing this configuration Vero > HDMI > TV > Optical > AVR when trying to do DTS as many TVs that have an optical out do not support DTS at all and will only do Dolby Digital AC3.

Hello guys
Thank you for your tips!
I ordered this splitter:

And, finally:

Please, if you are in same conditions, note that you must buy a splitter that can “copy” the best resolution (4k HDR) to the second hdmi connected to the amplifier.
Otherwise, both the output are in the lowest resolution (in my case, 1080)

If you have questions or curiosity, don’t hesitate to ask.
Best regards

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