Vero 576i

Hi all,
An odd question. I have a Vero4k+ and love it.
I have an ollld CRT TV that I love and I have an RPi 1 running Kodi on it via Composite cable & stereo input. It works in Full 576i… for what it’s worth.
Anyway, I’m starting to get/make some h265 content, and the RPi1 can’t handle it.
I’d happily get another Vero4k+, if I could work out how to get composite and stereo output from it.
Any ideas? Getting a new non-CRT tv doesn’t count.

This should work

You could enable CVBS output via SSH:

sudo fw_setenv hdmimode 576cvbs

You would then need a specific cable, as @fzinken has suggested above.

You should be able to test on your current Vero 4K + before ordering another.



Unless I have a non-standard Vero, I believe this should be audio,audio,video,ground. The tip is actually right channel for some reason. The only important thing is the ground must be the ‘sleeve’, not one of the ‘rings’. Apart from that, just swap the RCAs at the other end of the cable until you get something sensible.