Vero and audio with a Soundbar

Ok guys,
until now my simple setup worked without many surprises: Vero<->HDMI with CEC<->Philips TC<->air<->Philips remote<->me

Now I am buying a new TV a Sony 55W808C with it’s own input and outputs and it’s own codecs (?) and decided to also buy a used soundbar, a Yamaha YSP-2200

I am now totally confused on the best routing of signals, on the type of interfaces to use, HDMI vs Optical vs whatever …

Can any kind knowledgeable soul take a look at the specs of these two objects and give me a little guidance pretty please ?

Thank you in advance

PS I had a really hard time understanding what this page (a compatibility list between the Sonos playbar which only has an optical TOSLINK input and TVs) which lists ALL Sony TV as having the following “feature”: “Optical output only works with over the air signals”

The soundbar you have purchased supports HD audio. Whether you will hear that on a soundbar I am not sure, but for best results, I would plug the Vero directly in to the sound bar via HDMI. Then connect the soundbar to the TV