Vero+ and USB DAC Topping D10S

Hi, trying to connect my Topping D10S USB DAC

to the Vero+. Unfortunately, the system then crashes each time or only a black screen can be seen. Can somebody give me advise? Maybe the DAC is not suitable for Vero+?

there are some drivers on github from XMOS, XMOS · GitHub

Could be a power issue. It’s rated at 500mA but may draw more on start-up. Does it work if you plug it in after Vero has started up?

If i plug in the dac before the vero is started up, i.e. before the power was on, the system doesn’t even start up.
If the dac is connected while the system is running, it crashes…

You should try connecting by using a powered hub. The DAC seems to be drawing more power than the Vero can make available.

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Hmm, it works with Pi2 without Problems…Total current of the USB ports here 600mA

USB 2.0 is only spec’d for 500ma… Consider it coincidence or luck when you can obtain more.

The suggestion is primarily a diagnostic test to prove or disprove the possibility.

On an RP2 where 4 USB ports (witch share even the power), i.e. a WiFi dongle is connected to one port and the D10s is connected to the other, the dac works perfect. But not at all with the Vero. Maybe the power supply for the USB ports on the Vero can be increased, e.g. with the config.txt. ? So if it actually concerns the USB power supply.
Does anyone have any idea how to get the dac to work? Many Thanks


If proven to be a lack of available power, use of a powered USB hub is the only option.

Thank you

Well, I guess I’ll have to organize a powered hub then. Let’s hope it’s actually concerns the power supply