Vero Bluray Troubles


New user here. I hope someone can help.

I have attached a BDROM drive to my vero and the system see’s it and gives me the play disc option.

The problem is, nothing will play. I have tried a couple of retail BDs and the system tells me to check the log as it failed to playback.

If I go to videos I can see the title of the disc. If I click it, it takes me to what looks like the linux home folder (/mnt, /dev /etc)

I’m not sure how to get the log file. Here is the output of dmesg if that helps?

Any Ideas?

Sorry to bump but…

Can anyone advise?

If these are retail blu-rays, they are almost assuredly encrypted.

You need to decrypt the disc; on intel based systems that is typically done with either an external library or by using an external player. (I haven’t personally heard of anyone using kodi to play encrypted blurays on an arm system, but it may be possible.)

So to get this to work: you need to either rip the bluray disc into an unencrypted format, attain the library which would allow you to decrypt the disc as it plays (insert legal disclaimer specific to your legal jurisdiction), or find an external player (software) outside of kodi that can play encrypted discs and integrate that in.

Even you get all that working, Kodi has limited support for the various blu ray menu formats, although progress is being made. I don’t believe OSMC offers anything more than Kodi does – the official line on Kodi bluray support is here

Just curious, but why did you think this device would be able to play commercial blu-rays?

My Samsung BD6800 player is also ARM based system, but plays not just a BD, but 3D BD without any problem. And hardware specs is much weaker, than Vero. So the question not in a computing power, but in licensing.

Cheers for the reply.

Good point… I think I somewhat naively thought Vero might have the licence required. The main reason I am hooking this up is because my Pioneer Bluray player has decided to stop reading burned discs. (decent media) I had a slim SATA notebook BD-ROM spare so hooked it up to Vero. Trouble is Vero wont play back mkv files from my BDRs. I was trying retail BDs as a test to check if the media was the problem or not.

I’ll try some more discs and report back if I get anything to play!

Sorry I didn’t mean to imply an arm chip didn’t have computing power to play blurays, simply that in the world of developing third-party libraries that can decrypt bluray, there has been very little work done for arm chips, whereas there are several options in the Intel world when you’re trying to watch blu-ray discs with kodi.

Obviously Samsung has the ability to purchase a legitimate license to decode bluray.

You may want to bring this up in another topic, I think you’ll find that others have been able to play MKVs ripped from blu-ray, and I think folks could help you with that so you could view your movies.

Thanks, I’ll check out some other threads and see if there’s a trick to it.