Vero boot loop after April update

I applied the available update tonight and after reboot am getting 'Welcome to emergency mode"

I have tried the listed commands of systemctl reboot and systemctl default and both give the same results. A boot loop.

I am unable to access the device via SSH so no logs are available. Please advise ASAP

You can still use grab-logs to save log files on the SD card, if you plug a USB keyboard in:

grab-logs -A -C

After this shutdown cleanly (poweroff or halt) and you will then find uploadlog.txt on the Fat partition of the card. Paste this to

BTW I assume this is a Vero 1, so I have moved this to the appropriate section.


This is a Vero2.

VERY disappointed in it so far though. I have now ‘rolled back’ to the previous version and need to spend the next couple of hours setting it all back up again

Without any sort of logs, its nearly impossible to guess what might have gone wrong, and you don’t want to be stuck on an old version forever. Even a photo of the systemd errors on the screen when it went into emergency mode would have been useful.

There were still ways to get log files off the device but as you have rolled back now its too late unless you update again.

So I powered the Vero2 down to move it, upon restart it’s obviously forced an update and has again failed. I attempted to retrieve the logs and it stated:

“Copied to /boot/upload.txt on SD Card FAT partiion”

Despite this there is no log.

Why is this device forcing an update and how do I stop this? I don’t want to have to reinstall and reset SAMBA everytime I want to power down?

I understand there is little you can suggest without logs but there are no logs, this is my primary viewing device so I can’t have it down for hours waiting for answers.