VERO boot without SD Card

Hi @sam_nazarko,my Vero reboot in emergency mode.
I decided to reinstall all because I have no critical data on it.
But If I prepare the USB key as usual with the installer (on OS X) and then I insert and reboot the Vero, the USB key is ignored and the VERO start from SD.
If I remove the sd card I never boot in any way from USB and no messages at video output.
What does is happening ?

I think you cannot boot without the boot partition on the sdcard.

You cannot boot from a USB key on a Vero. Only from SD card.

After some tries I can make the installer re-install OSMC on the SD and let VERO boot with the installing phase.

But IMHO is not ok that when I inserted an USB Key prepared with the official installer it still booted from the SD and ignore the new installer…

But I have just pointed out that the Vero cannot boot from a USB key/drive. It can only boot from the SD card. So how is this not OK ? By the way, the Raspbery Pi also cannot boot from a USB key/drive, is that also not ok ?

I am puzzled by your response.

If you are performing a USB installation, you should still write the image to the SD card.

The Vero will then format the USB and partition that after booting from the SD.

Very advanced users can edit U-Boot to boot from USB, but U-Boot code is still read from SD.

Thank you @sam_nazarko for the explanation. @DBMandrake , you can be puzzled, but I’m taking the end user point of view: how can I re-install from scratch the VERO if my SD is corrupted ? Or if I buy a new larger one ? Now (and only now) I know that the only simple way is Installer+ SDreader and that I can’t can use a USB Key in this case. I appreciate very much your work but you should take our consideration as suggestions to make the Vero the best device you can… and I think this does not mean that users with a not-running OSMC should extract the SD, put it into a reader, run the installer and than put again the SD into VERO… but is only my opinion. See you and thanks for all.