Vero boots but home screen will not display on tv

Hi there,
I am having trouble with my Vero. When i turn it on the osmc logo comes on but when it reaches the home screen my tv goes black. i can still use the remote as i can hear the noise of moving to different selections, i can even go to the last uploads to the right and play. When i click play the movie plays on the screen but when i stop and it returns to home screen, black. The only way i have found to get the screen to display is by removing and reconnecting the power until it displays, and that is very hit and miss. any solutions?

What skin do you use?

Not too sure. Just the default one i think. I cant seem to get it to display to check

You can check in the file .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml, search for skin.

Anyhow it might help if you upload logs with grab-logs -A

The screen came on today.

i am just using the OSMC skin. do you think a different skin could be a solution?

No, OSMC is the best choice for stability. I was actually wondering if it is some other skin.
But actually your problem sounds more like a video issue. As you now posted a log I think @sam_nazarko might be able to check.

thanks for the input mate.