Vero crashed, now all files play with faint sound

Have had a fun morning trying to salvage one of my Vero’s. It’s been working flawlessly for a long time, last night, watching a DVD rip, it crashed, and on re-start the max volume on the sound was almost inaudible. DVD, blu ray, live TV, just the faintest of audible sound via the straight HDMI connection to an old Panny TV. Did all the usual things, power down, change leads etc, no joy.

For now it has been put away as I have a spare 4K+ that I have decided to put into service instead, biting the bullet on re-building my TV Headend back-end

Could this be a hardware failure of some kind? I tried re-imaging and at first thought I was getting somewhere, as the GUI click noise was present, but as soon as the back-up config was restored, sound was lost.

On the face of it, something wrong with the config, then. Can you post logs?

Partial explanation. I powered up my problem Vero this evening and had a look at it via the Kodi remote app on my iPad. Seems that the crash event changed the internal volume to 30, or somehow something changed the volume and a crash followed. Internal volume now back where it was at 100. So PCM stereo output now working. What caused the problem in the first place, who knows.

Any chance of an option to disable internal volume control for PCM output?

It shouldn’t happen that the volume gets randomly changed. Glad you found the problem.

I don’t think there is a way to do that but I think you could set it in an advancedsettings.xml file so it gets reset on reboot in case it happens again. The bit you would be putting in would be…

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thanks @darwindesign for the addition to the advancedsettings.xml file. I tried rebooting another of my Vero’s with the internal volume in a reduced state and without adding these lines, and the Vero resumed with the internal volume at 100. Not sure if it was supposed to do that. In any event, good to have this option to bake-in the full volume on reboot in case it’s needed.