Vero does not start at all

Hello everyone,

I got my Vero (version 1.0) quite some time ago, yet today was the point where I wanted to get it to run for the very first time. The problem is, it doesn’t start up at all.

  • I use the appropriate power supply which was delivered with the Vero.
  • I connected the Vero to my TV using the HDMI cable.
  • I connected the Vero to my network using an ethernet cable.
  • I removed the plastic sheet from the remote control’s battery compartment.

I do not have a video signal on my TV, also no audio signal.
The only thing visible is a red LED on the right side, glowing behind a plastic cap.
Trying buttons on the remote control does not do anything.

What am I doing wrong?

Any startup help would be appreciated. THANKS!


Check that the SD card is seated correctly – sometimes they can be slightly lose. You can pull the SD card out with tweezers. On some models, the card is push-push.

I recommend you contact so we can look at the order and see what we can do to help.


Hello again. Ok, I re-seated the SD card and I updated the software to the latest version.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. The device still does not work. There’s no HDMI signal and even my ethernet switch does not recognize the Vero as a connected device.

I also wrote a mail to, but they only confirmed that the warranty has run off.

Is there anything else I could try?

It would be a shame of I just had a paper weight worth of over 100 bucks…

You are using the powersupply that came in the box, right?

Jep, I do.

The optical audio socket on the right side is glowing redish, so the device seems to have power at least.

I think I’ll try another HDMI cable next…

Yes. There were some cases where people accidentally used a 12V supply and the symptoms were the same.

A defektive HDMI cable shouldn’t prevent the device from booting though. Can you see it on the home network by checking your router config when it is plugged in and connected to the ethernet via cable?

Hey there!

OK, I had a weird experience: A short while ago, I plugged in the power supply into the Vero to check if it is shown in my router’s devices list, and I was surprised because the Vero did boot up propperly and did initialize. I then made all the seettings and the Vero worked just fine.

I continued experimenting and learned that, when plugging in the power supply into the Vero, it sometimes works fine and sometimes does not work (like before).

Did anyone of you have a similar experience by chance?

Does the barrel connector look suspicious in any way?
And do you have a different 5V/2.5A powersupply wit a connector that fits to test if it could be a problem with the supply?

Update your software. You may be on a really old version of OSMC.

Make sure the barrel makes a full, solid connection with the unit and there is no stress on the cable.