Vero doesn't power off any more


when I want to power off my vero (not 4k, the predecessor), it doesn’t work any more. On the screen, I see that it want’s to, but it doesn’t. It still draws power and doesn’t shut off.

I’m quite sure that this did work a while ago…

Please note that this is not about powering it on via RC or whatever - I know the vero isn’t intended to do that. But I think it should power down if I tell it to…

shutdown -h now doesn’t work neither, by the way.

Any Ideas?

Actually it is shut down as it says Reached Target Shutdown.

We just don’t clear the display

Ah, sorry, maybe we misunderstand:
If I say “shutdown -h now” to any of my computers (laptops, raspberies, servers, you name it) it shuts off. Power down. No current flows. Display off.

The Vero still pulls 5W in the state pictured above.

What do you mean with “power off”? (See the caption of my post and the very first sentence).


If I shutdown -h my raspberry pi, its power consumption goes below 1W. The Vero stays a 5W…
I can provide FHEM logs to prove that claim…

Never mind, I’ll find a way to power off the Vero reasonably.

Ok, I’ll look in to this further.


I’m now able to switch off and on the vero remotely using my FHEM home automation. The solution is pretty ugly and took half a day to get it working.

I got the same functionality for OSMC on a raspberry in 15 minutes, because I can monitor the difference in power consumption.

You are of course right, that the 5W that the Vero consumes is very low. However, <0.5W for my zwave wallplug is so much lower… And there’s still the (^%&^* Samsung TV that won’t power off if the vero tells it to…