Vero for everything? Kodi, torrents, Samba

I’ve been contemplating combos of NASes, NUCS and the Vero for my hardware upgrade for sometime now.

But what about using the Vero 4K+ for literally everything? Attach a 4TB external USB HDD and use Vero for torrents, Kodi and SMB share?

How will performance be?

It shouldn’t present an issue.
Most people run a number of services on their device.

How many clients would be accessing the device simultaneously?

Hello Sam, how are you? Happy New Year!!

I join the thread for not creating a new one because it talks about the torrent client.

I would like to use this client and discard my pc.
For example, I downloaded the .torrent files on my cell phone. How can I pass them to the vero so that it starts to download them?

I have the addons of the torrent. But do not use it.
If you pass me some link to a tutorial … Thank you very much !!

I’m good.

You can install Transmission torrent client from the App Store.
Then you can probably follow some guides for Transmission (they will have better info than us). it should be a case of just putting the magnets in the client.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Never more than 2 devices at the same time. It will mostly be 1 device accessing the Vero through SMB.

But the torrent client will run 24/7.

That won’t be an issue. For best results; avoid formatting your disk as NTFS.

Thanks for that, maybe I was overthinking it with NASes etc.

Not on a Vero but if my RPI3 is capable of running all these I’m sure the Vero will do too.

A more detailed usage: the RPI is connected to external HDD and runs samba/Deluge/Kodi without issue. Watching a movie on the tv (RPI>HDMI>TV) and another via samba on a remote computer is not a problem even with Deluge running.

The Vero will be considered soon for the 4K possibilities and it worth your consideration :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info!

What format do you recommend? EXT4?

Yes, unless you need the disk to be readable on a windows machine if you physically connect it to that.

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Thanks, @fzinken