I was running OSMC on a Raspi 1 that I had sitting around unused for some years… Great but a lot of delay on starting playback and indexing videos took over 36 hours for 720 movies. Anyway, it started flaking so I ordered a Vero as replacement. AWESOME! Only DVD quality… but fast playback, wicked fast indexing (724 Movies, lots of TV shows/seasons, 3000+ songs, all indexed in less than an afternoon) everything awesome.

My biggest concern was working with the Logitech Harmony remote system. (This is my backbone all-in-one remote for not only OSMC but my Fire TV and home theatre amplifier/system - my entire entertainment center in my living room runs off this remote…) When I tried configuring it in the My Harmony app, it recognized Vero as a device but said it didn’t have Infrared support for it (I suppose they don’t know about the IR extender that shipped with my new one?) But this isn’t a complaint… with my Raspi system I’d already bought and configured a FLIRC IR receiver… as well as a Logitech Keyboard with it’s own radio remote. Plugged both of those into the powered USB hub that also has my videos hard drive plugged into it. Plugged that all in to the USB port. All worked on connecting it up!

(Now that shouldn’t be amazing… FLIRC is effectively a IR-to-Keystroke system that I had already configured to work with Kodi…) but it was awesome that my pre-existing hardware setup for the Raspi OSMC works natively with the Vero without any added configuration. And now I can use my keyboard/touchpad and my Harmony IR remote without further config or worrying about when Logitech will get the native Vero IR support ironed out for the Harmony environment…)

And even more awesome… OSMC works with very very little config with the native iPhone app for Kodi… so if I don’t want to control using my Harmony remote or the OSMC remote… I whip out my iPhone and have full OSMC control…)

Really WELL DONE and so glad I finally purchased the Vero for my OSMC backbone system.

Thanks Again!!!

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Glad to hear this.

There is a built in IR receiver in the Vero and the extender is provided for situations where you may not have line of sight.

My understanding is that the Harmony profile is a bit limited. We should probably get it updated, but if I recall, the servers / Harmony line have been discontinued.

If you have any issues let us know.

Production, yes. Support, no. The remotes are still even sold as Logitech seems to have quite a lot of hardware in stock.

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Not sure which Logitech harmony you have, but you might take a look here if applicable to use this approach Guide to using Harmony Elite Remote/hub via Bluetooth (Vero 4k+) and that works fine for the Vero 4K+. The rest of my equipment will work with IR, but i was not able to get it working with IR and Vero 4K+ and took the Bluetooth route. I do have the harmony hub with smart control.

If going the BT route, you will need to pair with bluetoothctl as there are currently issues with My OSMC.

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The profile you pulled up in MyHarmony was for Bluetooth. It lets you add it even when your programing for a Harmony remote that does not have Bluetooth. There is no need to program specific for a Vero/OSMC though as it does not have a fixed set of IR commands like most equipment. You can open the My OSMC add-on and in the remote section there is a list of remote profiles that can be activated and whichever you choose you just program your Harmony to that and it will work with the built in IR receiver.

That being said what you have works better than the built in so I personally would not change your configuration. With the FLIRC your remote is more responsive and you gain long-press support.

Thanks for all the replies and sorry I didn’t close the loop on this sooner. For anyone else looking and answering just a couple of the posters above, my remote is a Harmony 650 and I’m not using a hub with the system at all, just a stand-alone remote.
I’ve also additionally had the Kodi app for my iPhone for forever and found it quite simple to enable its use. So now I have a plethora of control options. :slight_smile:

@LaughingVulcan Glad to hear! Just ordered a Vero 4K+ to replace a RPi3 now and can’t wait for it to arrive!

Re remotes (not IR) but I love the Yatse app (on Android)